SUFA's Oscar Alert




Oscar at homeHonoring the memory of a beloved pet by working to bring lost pets home

We would like to use this  opportunity to thank all of our friends and neighbors for taking the time to view our Oscar Alerts. These alerts are an excellent and timely way to get the word out about lost pets. It is our hope that the sooner vital information and photos are circulated, the quicker animals can be found and returned to their loving homes.

Oscar was the beloved pet of Stand Up For Animal's President Howard Thorp and his family. He went missing in May of 2009 and sadly never returned home. The Oscar Alert was created in his memory as a tool to help expand the search for lost pets.

Should your pet go missing, please visit our Oscar Alert web page, which has details for how to email us information about your missing pet. If you are not computer savvy, we always welcome visitors to drop off flyers at our SUFA office and we will get the information out as soon as possible.





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