Pet of the Month: Sunny





Sunny is an adorable, black and white, female, Beagle/chihuahua mix. She weighs about 10 pounds and we believe her to be around 8 - 10 years old. Sunny loves to run and run and run and that may be why she was found in the middle of the road at night, presumably hit by a car. But that hasn't stopped her!!!! She still loves to run – however, her back legs go a bit wonky on her now and again, possibly due to a slight compression in her spine which  may cause a nerve response which causes her to back legs to go out from under her briefly, but she just immediately picks herself back up and off she goes. She has been checked by several Vets and appears to not be in any pain. 

Sunny is a sweetie once she gets to know you. She initially is very wary of strangers and puts on her scariest voice to let you know to stay away. Yet if you give her about a few minutes to get to know you on her terms, she is then just fine and all is forgotten (It is the Chihuahua in her!) Sunny would be fine with other pets but the introduction needs to be done slowly and properly - she needs to feel safe and secure. Sunny is a happy little girl who would do best with a fenced in back yard so she can run around and chase insects.

She is quiet as a mouse in a crate and our guess is she is most likely housebroken - she is a very neat girl in her kennel. 

We are looking for the special home who understands some of Sunnys quirks - we feel her special person will be rewarded by her happy go lucky attitude to life!!!


For more information about Sunny, please contact Tammy Loughlin, shelter director of Westerly animal Shelter at 401-584-7941.




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