Rocky's Story

  • Caryn Mitchell
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Rocky was a seven year old German Shepherd. He was given up by his family because they were busy working and leaving him for 10 hours a day. He had been ok with that until recently, when his doggie life companion died. To be alone all day mourning the loss of his sibling caused him to suffer separation anxiety. He destroyed the house and broke out of a crate so he was put on ‘Prozac’.  The family felt it was better for us to find him a home where he could have more time devoted to him and more companionship.

This huge 90 lb lean dog lay in the back of his kennel making no eye contact with his ears back. We were unsure if his fear might make him aggressive, so we very gently coaxed him out of his kennel and off we went for a walk. Within a week Rocky was a different dog.  He was off all his medication, happy to see us when we arrived, waggy tailed and full of joyous greetings. He destroyed nothing, not even his bed which always looked like he just made it. He did need a little help eating and liked to start dinner being hand fed and then would only continue eating if we stayed with him. After his walk and brush we would finish off with lots of tummy tickles. Shepherds are such pussy cats when they feel safe. Although he was seven he played like a 3 year old, pouncing on toys and being giddy.

A family in New Hampshire saw Rocky advertised on, were very moved by his plight and came all that way to see him. There was an instant bonding and not only did Rocky go to a wonderful new home but his new family is going to adopt another shepherd to keep him company.

Author: Caryn Mitchell