Dog Park

Bruce G. Ladd Memorial Dog Park

After the creation of the SUFA Facility in Westerly, SUFA sought out to further envision it’s goal of supporting and improving the lives of animals and the shelter animals it works to protect. With this, Stand Up For Animals worked with the town of Westerly to change a nearby conservation area into a beautiful, modern and publicly-available park for dogs and their owners. Today, this park is open daily and available to all public members, those of Westerly and surrounding areas.

Below is documentation regarding the rules of our Dog Park and other information.




  • Use at your own rick – Owners are legally responsible for the actions and behavior of their
    dog(s) at all times
  •  Dog waste must be cleaned up IMMEDIATELY by the dog’s owner
  •  Dog waste bags are available at the entrance of each enclosure
  •  Owners must be within the dog park and supervising their dog(s) at all times with leash readily
  •  All children under age 13 must be accompanied by an adult
  •  Pet treats and food are not allowed inside the dog park


  • Dogs MUST be vaccinated for rabies in order to enter the park
  • Dogs must remain leashed at all times when outside the dog park
  • Aggressive dogs MUST leave the park immediately
  • Dogs must be free of contagious diseases, free of internal and external parasites, current on
  • vaccinations and legally licensed
  • Excessive barking is not allowed. Dogs should be under voice control by their owners
  • Owners must fill any holes their dog digs
  • Dogs in heat and puppies under 4 months of age are not allowed. All dogs must wear a collar
    with a current rabies tag and identification


NO ATTENDANT ON DUTY – Users of this facility do so at their own risk. Neither Stand Up For Animals, nor The Town of Westerly shall be liable for any injury or damage that may occur at this park- whether to animals, personal property or persons. In case of animal related emergencies, contact Westerly Animal Control at 401-348-2258.


  • Human and Dog Food Treats
  • Glass Containers
  • Dogs in Heat
  • Sick Dogs
  • Aggressive Dogs
  • Unvaccinated Dogs