Frankie’s Fund

Frankie, an 11 year old bloodhound, is a Westerly Animal Shelter dog that developed pyometra. “Pyometra is an infection in the uterus and is a serious and life threatening condition that must be treated promptly and aggressively.”

She had extensive medical care, outside of what can be performed at the shelter, so we started “Frankie’s Fund” to help offset some of these unexpected emergency veterinary expenses.  Frankie’s Fund was created with the intention to help financially support shelter animal that requires emergency veterinary care outside of what the shelter Vet can provide.  ALL money donated to this fund will be used for specialized and emergency veterinary care for shelter animals.  To make a donation to Frankie’s Fund, please click here and be sure to add “Frankie’s Fund” to the comment section of the donation page.

Frankie is now living her best life with her new family and she couldn’t be any happier!