Sweety's Story

  • Caryn Mitchell
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Sweetie was found abandoned and abused. She was a white German shepherd aged around seven. Her life ordeal had made her very frightened of people. Her response to anyone approaching her kennel with thoughts of adopting a pet was to cower, growl and bare her teeth. The dogs that come to greet people with waggy tails get taken home not the cringing snarling dogs. She was also terrified of all the noises in the shelter, the barking dogs and the tall people staring at her.

She needed a lot of coaxing to get her out of the kennel and considerable time to get her sufficiently relaxed to enjoy a walk. She steadily started to trust us and come to us. We used everyone we met to help her overcome her fear of strangers. We gave her a bath and she trusted us wonderfully as we lifted her into her nice warm bath. She looked like a little polar bear and at one point let out a tiny howl so we stopped until she as ready to continue. She loved rides in the car, playing with our dogs and being as close to us as she could. However, she hated going back to the shelter.

Sweety was advertised on Petfinder.com where a lady from northern Rhode Island read about her and couldn’t bear to leave her in the shelter one more night. She came to visit Sweety and they fell in love immediately. Sweety has lived with this lady every since.

Author: Caryn Mitchell