Leila's Story

  • Caryn Mitchell
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Words from the staff –

Someone brought this kitten in during the winter of 2016, almost frozen to death. She was a really cute kitten and we held her to our chests with a warm water bottle to revive her!


Words from a happy adopter about Leila

Last winter I adopted Leila from you after she was found in the freezing cold. She went by Frosty or Charlotte at the time. She has added so much joy to our lives over the last year. She has also brought smiles to many others…. I started an Instagram account for Leila called calicoleila. We recently reached 10,000 followers so I decided to donate for each person who “celebrated” with us! Thank you for taking such great care of her as a kitten. Thank for all the update photos while I waited for her to grow. If it wasn’t for all your dedication, we wouldn’t have the incredible Leila that we have today! Keep up the great work! 

Author: Caryn Mitchell